Wednesday, 10 June 2015

Time for Science - Making a Sundial

Today the children are learning about how the earth rotates and how this relates to time, so we built a simple sundial in the garden.

A Simple Sundial

Easy to do- we just placed a cricket stump in the ground, then marked where the shadow fell on the ground at 9am.

9 am

Next we set a timer to go off just before 10am.

When the timer beeped, we all raced outside and marked the next hour with a new stick.

11 am

Then anyone who wanted to climbed onto the playhouse roof and slid off before returning to books (this is optional).

We repeated until 3pm when the shadow of the house fell over our clock.

Michael, who kindly teaches science, spent a while before tea giving further explanations to help the boys (the girl is a little young) understand more about how the rotation of the earth relates to time.

Showing how the rotation of the earth relates to time (the blue bowl is the sun).

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