Friday, 31 July 2015

Holidays - A New Season

Before we had children, holidays meant reading and walking. I used to read a book a day on holiday, and still fit in plenty of walks and tea shops. After children - things changed a little. I particularly remember one holiday just after our eldest learned to crawl, in a house with polished wooden floors. I don't remember sitting and reading much.

The highlights of holidays after children have been numerous. Nature diaries and bird watching. Paddling in lakes. Damming streams. Walks in the woods or building sandcastles. Catching crabs and eating ice creams.

They like to get wet at any opportunity...

...even if it's a bit chilly.
This year's holiday in the Lake District marked a new season, though. Our children still enjoy all these things, but they also share other interests with us. We have always taken them walking, but, now our youngest is nearly 4, we can go on longer walks; she cried when we started to come down Catbells because she wanted to "do more climbing". 

The top of Catbells.

The older two read a lot as well, and they all play happily for long periods, so I actually was able to read quite a bit on holiday for the first time in a while. 

They also enjoy museums. We have visited the Pencil Museum (an old favourite) and discovered Threlkeld Quarry and Mining Museum. The Mining Museum was a great find - we went on a steam train, panned for minerals, enjoyed lots of big machines (especially my daughter) and looked around the little museum. My 8 year old has recently been very interested in minerals, so he loved looking around (and visiting the gift shop).

My daughter with a Big Truck.

Panning for minerals.
A new season of our lives as a family is beginning; we have left behind the world of very little children - which we have loved in many ways - and are now working out which mountains a nearly five year old could potentially manage next summer.

Ice creams will always feature on a holiday (even while reading).

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