Saturday, 25 July 2015

Keswick Convention

We have just enjoyed another week at the Keswick Convention, and remembered again why we keep on coming back each year.
Our primary reason for coming is the Bible teaching, for both adults and children. This year, the main Bible Readings focused on the life of Elisha. These were so helpful, as the speaker Paul Mallard tackled some of the more obscure events in the life of Elisha and explained them clearly. In particular, he showed how they fitted into the biblical narrative and are fulfilled by Jesus.
Meanwhile, the children also looked at the life of Elisha in their groups. It is a great opportunity for us to talk as a family about what we have all been learning. It also reinforces to the children that we as adults are still learning from God's Word as we go off to our meeting as they go to theirs.
Our second reason for coming to Keswick each year is the location. We have made the most of escaping London and visiting the Lakes - paddling in Derwentwater, climbing Catbells and walking in the countryside.
Finally, we come with another (brave and forgiving!) family each year, and all this is more fun with good friends to share it with.
Our children talk about it all year. We pray that it will be a holiday which not only produces good memories, but which helps them grow in their trust in Jesus as God's word is taught to them.

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