Thursday, 3 September 2015

The Plan For Year 4

The plan for Year 4 is similar to the plan for Year 5. Some things the two older boys will do together, and for others they will work at their own level.

One of the joys of home education is being able to work at a level appropriate for your child. This isn't a general "Plan for Year 4", but a specific plan for my year 4 child. He is actually nearly 2 years younger than his brother, and this is reflected in some of the choices I have made. He is 2 years behind his brother in most of the English curricula I have chosen, but only 1 year behind him for maths.

So, here's the plan:


XTB Bible notes.

Bible Time; I produce my own questions as we work through the Bible in chunks. We are about to start the book of Esther.

In addition, we will have family devotions led by Michael over breakfast. We are also reading the Bible aloud to him, 1 chapter at a time (not from beginning to end, but picking different Bible books to work through).


Spelling Workout D
Rod & Staff Building Christian English 4, Building With Diligence
Writing with Ease 2
Set Reading


Singapore Maths 4A
Mental Maths
Maths Whizz (an online maths programme which he enjoys)


The Story of the World: Ancient Times


Latin Prep Book 1


Programming (Scratch)
Touch typing


An art project once a week (sometimes as part of our history programme)


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Vol. 2



We are looking forward to beginning on Monday.

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