Wednesday, 9 December 2015

Surviving the end of term - and still having fun!

It's the end of term, and everyone is tired. Grumpiness is a definite danger!

Here's a few ways we try to make the last couple of weeks both productive and still fun:

1) Take the occasional morning off. Our children have a reasonably heavy workload, so last Friday we took the morning off so they could catch up on some Christmas present making, and relax a bit.

2) Start a little later. Our start time has moved from 8:30am-9am over the last couple of weeks. The children can catch up on a little sleep, and are more able to enjoy the day.

3) Take some trips out to museums. We visited the Science Museum and Natural History Museum a couple of weeks ago, and have two day trips planned for next week. They both give a welcome change of pace for the children, and give them something extra to look forward to.

4) Back-to-front day! We did this today, and it worked really well. We have simply done our work in the reverse order to what we normally do, so that we have started with science and history, and ended with Latin and maths. Almost (but not quite!) like a day off! An added bonus is that they were able to get more out of science because they were doing it first when they were at their freshest. I may do this reasonably often.

They enjoyed writing their science notebooks this morning.

5) Don't skip the fun stuff! They still appreciate a daily walk, and various crafts and activities. They still went to the park today (and every day this week), and we are currently boiling blueberries so that we can make some purple cloth as part of our history lesson on the Phoenicians.

Purple dye - blueberries, not snails!

The Christmas break is nearly here, and we hope that the last couple of weeks will be enjoyed not endured!

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