Tuesday, 19 January 2016

Winter fun - activities for cold days.

It's finally properly cold here, and, with short days and darker afternoons, we have to work hard to keep busy and cheerful during our free time.

We make sure that we still go out every day. Our daily walks are so popular that the children wouldn't let me forget them! Admittedly, this is harder on days when I'd rather not get out from under my duvet (I do NOT enjoy the cold) never mind leave the house...but we do it anyway, and all enjoy it.

All of us love being outdoors (with enough layers), and the children need to burn off some energy.

The parks are often empty, and wet weather can bring unexpected fun:

Playing in a flooded sandpit.

Muddy walks are a favourite; I wear my wellies more than any other set of footwear at this time of year:

Muddy woods.

Den making at an activity morning today
- a great chance to get outdoors.

We live near so may hills, that the walks are worth it for the views alone.

Actually taken from our bedroom window
- but this is what we like to see when we walk near our home.

We still have more time indoors in the winter - due to the shorter days. Favourite activities include boardgames, Lego, playmobil and reading.

I also do art sessions with the children. I mentally divide these into messy art and non-messy art. Messy art  will usually involve either chalk pastels or lots of glue. Non-messy art is usually drawing, or I might stretch to watercolours.
Semi-messy art.

Listening to audio books is also popular. Sometimes one of the children will use an MP3 player to listen while they build Lego, and sometimes they will all listen to something together.

My children will also happily cook with me. We haven't done as much recently, but it is not unusual for them to bake cakes, or even just help me make the tea.

During the winter especially, there are days when it feels like a real slog to get on with different activities. I find, however, that even a small amount of effort to help my children find good, productive things to do can lift everyone's mood and turn a wet, gloomy day into a positive one.

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