Friday, 20 May 2016

Friday Reflections - 4

We've just arrived back from another zoo trip, and 3 out of 4 children are in bed, while my 10 year old is enjoying his weekly Dr. Who episode with Michael - something they both look forward to! A long day on our feet, and it's good to collapse for a bit now.

I tend to look back on each week with a critical eye - what I haven't  done, or what went wrong. This can be a good thing - it helps me improve what we do. However, it can also mean that it doesn't take much to really get me down about how I'm managing! This week I managed not to put the bread-maker blade in properly when making pizza dough, so we had pasta and pesto rather than home-made pizza for tea. I know it doesn't really matter, but it frustrates me. Looking back at the highlights of the week, as well as some of the harder aspects, is helpful.

We seem to have been battling moaning quite a bit over the last few weeks, but looking back at this week, I think there have been some improvements. This is good to see! Of course, it is still an area we are working on, but I have been encouraged to see some progress, and children making a conscious effort to try not to complain too much.

In significant news, all our butterflies have hatched. Hoppy only emerged this morning, a number of days after the others. We plan to release them tomorrow.


The sunnier weather has meant that we have been in the garden a lot. Michael planted some sunflowers and some carrots with the children last Saturday. We hope some grow! The children also put up my 8 year old's tent in the garden. It is a favourite spot for reading at the moment.

A tent in our garden.

A good place to read.

We have managed to fit in some painting this week, with the younger two painting dragons (from the Usborne Science Things to Make and Do) and the older two painting turtles (from the Usborne Complete Book of Art Ideas).

Painting turtles.

My 8 year old's turtle.

My daughter has enjoyed a bit of dressing up in a bargain "Anna" (from Frozen) dress that my Mum picked up for £1.

Dressing up!

My daughter and me.

Plus today we had a very enjoyable trip to the zoo. My husband had his day off today rather than Saturday this week, so he came too - more fun for everyone.

Glass Wing Butterfly

I have been appreciating recently how lovely it is to share a love of reading with my children. I carried two kindles, 3 picture books, and a copy of Stig of the Dump with me to the zoo today so that they could read on the tube. Next time I might stick a book in for me too! 

Reading on the way there...

...and on the way home.

My 7 year old received Stig of the Dump  as a gift for his birthday, and has been diligently reading it to himself. He's still reading everything out loud (I think this helps him to hear the sounds properly), but has read, in his words "about 2/5" of the book. I'm impressed with his perseverance, and delighted that struggling to speak and having to work so hard to read hasn't stopped him loving books.  

For myself,  I have been enjoying crocheting my blanket, and it is close to being finished. I like having something I can do while reading out spellings or listening to a child read to me. 

When life is busy during the day, staying alert and ready for an evening meeting in our home is not always easy. However, it is always good to open up the Bible with others, and I was particularly encouraged as we looked at John 20 in our home group last night. It is always encouraging to read about the events of the resurrection, to see the joy of those who met Jesus on that first Easter morning, and to know the blessing of believing in Jesus, and receiving life in his name.

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