Friday, 27 May 2016

Friday Reflections - 5

The highlight of the week was visiting my little sister and her newborn baby on Tuesday evening. He's (obviously) gorgeous, and managed to be born on his grandparents diamond wedding anniversary, which was well received. Escaping home for a few hours to cuddle a newborn was a lovely treat.

Ideally, I'd spread our busy activities, but the reality is that I seem to have very hectic weeks and slightly quieter weeks. This last week has been full of activity in our home, which has been exhausting at times, but good too. We have had church meetings on most evenings, and had visitors during the day too. Although it is busy, I actually really enjoy having lots of people in and out of the house, and the children seem to prefer it too.

In the midst of this, I have finished my first crochet project, a blanket. It is now being used by the children to snuggle under when I read to them. It isn't quite big enough for them all to be completely wrapped up, so that gives me an excuse to do more crochet soon. I have really liked having something I can do while teaching the children, or in a spare half hour, and it is satisfying to have a project to complete (unlike raising children).

Snuggling up in my newly finished blanket.

Summer holidays are not all that far away, and we can all see the end of our studies approaching. The boys are now doing double maths lessons a day to ensure that we do finish before the summer, and have taken it in their stride. They should all finish their maths a little early now.

Warm weather means that sometimes the children have worked outside. So long as they concentrate, this is a lovely way to work.

Working outside.
The older boys have been reading even more than usual. At our home education group, my friend running the book group has offered the children a Kitkat to share with a friend if they read a book that the friend has recommended in book group. My 8 year old ended up with 2 and a half Kitkats after reading two books, and after one of his recommendations was read by a number of other children. It has definitely been a spur to actually read each other's recommended books.

In addition to the book group, we had activities based around Australia, including making cookie dough maps of Australia:

Edible Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea

The children also had a go at producing some Aboriginal style art using dots of paint to make pictures:

Art at Home Ed. Group

We have had a good week, for which I am very grateful. Next week we will continue to work although it is half term for most people, as we are taking two weeks holiday in June. I just need to hang on in there and press on a little longer, and we can enjoy a couple of weeks complete break together as a family.

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