Monday, 6 June 2016

Packing, Packing, Packing...

Holidays - great. Packing - not my favourite thing.

This holiday, we have managed to work it so that we have one clear day together before we head off, and it has somehow taken the whole day for us to get ready to go. It may be that we are going to two different places, and one of them under canvas, but it seems to have taken longer than usual.

However - we're finally finished, the car is packed, and we are ready for an early start tomorrow.

Essentials that we each have to take (as well as the obvious stuff, and our Bibles):

The girl - her baby doll (Katy).

My 7 year old - Big Brachi (a large cuddly brachiosaurus).

My 8 year old - Chestnut the Bear, and his kindle.

My 10 year old - Meerkat, his kindle, his MP3 player (full of stories, not music).

Michael - books to read, usually some Christian books, and sometimes some popular science books.

Me - more books, usually a mixture of good quality fiction and Christian books.

We're all set to go - ready for a rest and a chance to spend some time together, and to enjoy being outdoors and out of the city for a couple of weeks.

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