Friday, 1 July 2016

Friday Reflections - 10

The summer holidays are approaching. We have had a couple of weeks where we have pushed ahead quite hard in order to make sure that we finish everything on time. We are just beginning to finish up some of our curriculum, and we will finish more next week. We are all tired and ready for the long break; except for my 4 year old, who, I think, is now ready for a bit more work next year.

Last Saturday I took my older two boys and a friend along to Archaeology Club. This session was on the Thames foreshore at Greenwich, where they were looking for animal bones, discarded from animals eaten in the royal palaces that were once there. I joined them for this particular session.

Collecting Bones

Most of the time, the children were collecting animal bones, of which there were a great many. They put them together in the rough shape of an animal, trying to get the right bones in the right places.

An Animal Shape Made of Bones

We were also shown a piece of masonry which was apparently from Henry VIII's palace.

Masonry from Henry VIII's Palace

Most of the week has been spent on our usual curriculum, with some children fitting in extra lessons in order to finish early. We are nearly at the end of our history book, and my eldest rejected the colouring page provided on the grounds that Boudicca's chariot was inaccurate! They studied Boudicca at Archaeology Club recently, so the boys were better informed than me.

Boudicca's Chariot

This Friday, we had our home education group meeting again. We were focusing on Australia for a second time, and decided to have a barbecue. The children made s'mores (biscuits, chocolate and marshmallows) and cooked bananas (also cooked with chocolate and marshmallows). The rain just about held off, and everyone seemed to enjoy themselves.

In addition, the children's book group have begun the process of judging the children's science books for the Royal Society's Young People's Book Prize, which my co-leader has organised. They are one of the judging panels for the prize, and my two eldest boys are looking forward to reading the first book.

The week is just about over, and a number of tired Peaches are looking forward to a relatively quiet Saturday, and anticipating with even greater eagerness the summer break.

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