Friday, 15 July 2016

Friday Reflections -12

Our last week of term has been a quiet one in terms of work - we'd finished much of our curriculum earlier. Now we have almost nothing left to do except a few grammar lessons which the older two will finish at their own pace next week. 

A little more free time has meant that the children have had more time to get out the Lego. My eldest has been turning various Lego sets into dragons.

Millennium Falcon Dragon

Various Lego Dragons

We have also had a chance to try out some new art lessons, which I read about on another home education blog, angelicscalliwags, here. This curriculum, ArtAchieve, has a number of lessons at various levels. We have tried a couple of free lessons to see what we thought, and the children enjoyed them, so I think I will be using some of these lessons next year.

Drawing Lines

Drawing a Cat

Finished Cats

We also had a lovely day meeting up with some good friends, and we also discovered a new park when looking for a mutually convenient place to meet for a walk and a picnic, Chiswick House and Gardens. The gardens are free, and very pleasant to wander around for a few hours.


Today we had our final home education group meeting, a picnic in the park. The children are relieved to know that we will still be seeing our friends over the summer!

Today is the first day of our summer reading challenge. The reading has already begun this evening. I need to get started soon if I am going to have a chance to finish my challenge.

I am also hoping to finish my current crochet blanket soon. I've not quite mastered the art of reading and crocheting at the same time, however, so I will need to be organised to make sure I have time for both over the summer.

Crochet Blanket - Almost Finished

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