Friday, 19 August 2016

Friday Reflections - 17

The Peach family have had a full week, with a mixture of days out, friends visiting and holiday club at the end of the week.

Last Saturday, we visited London Zoo for the day. Michael's parents were visiting, and we all enjoyed having them with us. The highlight of the trip was seeing one of the baby tigers, though butterflies, penguins, lemurs and giraffes were all great fun too.

A Lemur

Baby Tiger


I also took the children to Eastbourne for the day, where we met my aunt and spent the day with her on the beach.The weather was glorious, and the children loved having a chance to play in the sea.

Perfect Day for the Beach

My eldest brought his kite, and there was just enough wind for that to work well too. We finished up with a walk to the end of the pier and back before catching the train home.

Kite Flying

Walking Down the Pier

The children have been reading a great deal this week too, including making the most of the train journey to Eastbourne and back. I was running out of book ideas for my eldest, but an appeal on Facebook yielded many great suggestions, including a series of books by Simon Mayo which combine adventure and chemistry (according to my eldest). The first book is called Itch, and they have inspired my son further in his enthusiasm for science. He's been studying the periodic table in our science encyclopedia, and begun a collection of elements.

All this reading has meant that the children have finished their Summer Reading Challenge - with two weeks to spare. They've done well, and have been rewarded with gold award prizes, and with an optional extra challenge for a platinum award - a further 10 books for my eldest, 7 books for my 9 year old, 4 books for my 7 year old, and 8 books (to be read aloud to her) for my youngest. We stressed that this was optional (desperate not to be too pushy) but they were all very excited about it.

Summer Reading Challenge Completed
My eldest has also recently become friends with another boy who shares his science interests. When this new friend visited this week, we allowed them to take apart an old laptop which was festering in the garage. They were eagerly watched and egged on by my other children too. They were keen to identify all sorts of parts, and my eldest wanted to add silicon to his collection of elements. Much fun was had, and my son now wants the motherboard that he removed displayed on the wall by his desk!

Dismantling an Old Laptop

One Very Happy Boy!

In the midst of all this activity, I have been trying to bring order and cleanliness to my kitchen. The oven has been cleaned, my stock cupboard has been reorganised, and all the other cupboards have been cleaned out too. Although these are mundane chores in many ways, it just helps life to run a little smoother if I can quickly and easily find what I need in my kitchen cupboards.

The week has ended with two days of holiday club at church. Crafts and Bible studies and activities have been planned and carried out, and we have had the opportunity to teach children about true treasure that lasts forever - knowing Jesus. 

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