Friday, 26 August 2016

Friday Reflections - 18

This week, my daughter turned 5. When asked how she wanted to celebrate her birthday this year, she said that she would like to go to the beach, and that she would like to get a new spade. So that's what we did! The hot weather this week meant that a beach trip worked brilliantly, with sandcastles, swimming in the sea, crabbing, ice creams - and a bit of reading too.

The Girl with her Spade

Books on the Beach


Playing in the Sea

Since she is now 5, we have also begun reading through the Bible with our daughter. She was really excited about this, which was good to see.

We also enjoyed watching the first episode of the Great British Bake Off together (except for our 5 year old - she needs to be in bed). As last year, I am allowing the children to bake something for each week. This time my 7 year old (who was too young to stay up with us last year) made cupcakes for us to enjoy.

Cupcakes for Bake Off

The rest of the week, we have mainly been decorating the boys' bedroom. The children have managed to keep themselves occupied pretty well while I have painted and painted. The carpet will be fitted tomorrow, and we hope to move the boys out of the spare room and back into their own bedroom tomorrow afternoon.

While I have painted, the children have been reading, making PowerPoint presentations (mainly about Star Wars), drawing, playing games, and, this morning, decorating the entire house with socks! Perhaps it is good that we get back to the books in a week.

Bananas Wearing Socks!!

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