Friday, 23 September 2016

Friday Reflections - 22

Last Sunday, we celebrated Michael's birthday. The children made a variety of cards with bugs on them, and I produced chocolate cake - which hopefully makes up for the fact the one of the presents I bought for Michael didn't arrive until after his birthday, the other small gifts were wrapped in leftover Christmas paper from last year, and his birthday card was a postcard from the British Museum with a picture of the Codex Sinaiticus on it. With limited free time, I thought he'd like a decent cake most!

Birthday Cake

We are settling into a reasonable rhythm of life this term. One change from last year is the addition of a "marking box" where the children place any completed work which I need to check. In the past, this has happened less regularly than I would like, so knew I needed to fix that this year. It now means that their work is marked daily, and they do any corrections while they still remember the work that they were doing.

We have a fairly full timetable of book work, which is stretching for them. They are meeting the challenge well, though, and working hard to get through all I set them each day. So that we don't get overwhelmed, I make sure that we have sessions each day which are more relaxed, though still profitable.

This includes our nature walks. This week we had a picnic to celebrate the autumn equinox. Sitting, looking, chatting, drawing, drinking hot chocolate; we had a peaceful couple of hours outside the home, which everyone appreciated.


Sipping Hot Chocolate

The children also enjoyed writing with quills and colouring in an illuminated letter as part of our history this week. We used gold and silver paint pens too, which worked well.

Using a Quill

Today we had our home education group meeting, and we were focusing on Greece. We made mini Parthenon models using cake, marshmallows and biscuits. Some children made bookmarks with their names written in Greek, and there was also the chance to decorate plant pots with black markers.

A Finished Parthenon
After the group, we usually go home and collapse for a bit and have a quiet evening, but today we decided we really ought to take our children to buy shoes. All four children have very wide feet, which makes this a more complicated job than it should be. The boys managed to find shoes in the second shop they visited, though I had to take our daughter to three different shops before we could find anything to fit her at all. Job done, though, and it should be a while before we have to go through this again!

Tomorrow is looking like a quiet Saturday for me for a change, so I am hoping to have a bit of time to catch up on a few household jobs, a little bit of planning for the week ahead, and hopefully a little rest too.

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