Friday, 14 October 2016

Friday Reflections - 25

This time last week, I was pretty weary after a full few days, and facing an even busier week ahead. This evening, I can look back and be glad that it was much better than I anticipated. Yes, I was, perhaps, a little over ambitious in my planning of what I could fit in, but we have had a generally successful week. No one was sick, which always helps, and we also tried to plan in some family time to take the pressure off us a bit.

Last Saturday I attended a training event for Sunday School teachers. I wanted to go, but didn't want to go, as is so often the case when I have so much on. However, it was a very helpful day, where we spent a lot of time in the Bible and thinking about how to faithfully teach the Bible to children. I came away with fresh ideas and enthusiasm for my Young Church responsibilities.

In addition to our usual work pattern this week, Michael and I took the children on a late afternoon walk along the Thames. It was well worth taking the time out of a busy week to spend some time together, and to get outside. We discovered some great playgrounds along our walk, so I plan to take the children back along the same walk again soon, but with more time to stop and play along the way.

A  Good Walk

The children had fun making sand pictures for our history activity this week.

Sand Pictures

We also went for a nature walk by a pond for our studies this week. We have a jar of pond water waiting for us to get round to looking at samples of under our microscope.

This Week's Nature Walk Spot

Happy Drawing

We've ended the week with my eldest going off to spend a couple of days with his grandparents, which he has been really looking forward to. I took the rest of the children for an afternoon in the park with their friends, which was a happy end to the week.

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