Saturday, 22 October 2016

Friday Reflections - 26

We ended the week with our home education group, looking at Germany, which is always a positive way to finish our activities.

The children made black forest gateaux by sandwiching cake, cherries and squirty cream.

Black Forest Gateau 

They also made pretzel necklaces to snack on, and had some pictures of German castles to colour.

My daughter with a pretzel necklace. She discovered that she doesn't really like pretzels, hence the expression!

Castle Colouring

On Thursday, we joined other home educators for a trip to the Centre of the Cell. We visited "The Pod", where there were short videos which taught about cells in our body, followed by a chance to play various games which helped the children learn more. The children enjoyed the games, and when we came home they were able to explain some of what they had been learning about to Michael, so it was a good experience.

We then went on to a talk about how the heart works, which was entertaining and clear. The children had a great time, and my 5 year old enjoyed volunteering as a liver for one of the demonstrations.

This visit coincided with Michael beginning to teach the older children about cells in their science lessons, so it fitted in well. They have been using the microscope to examine onion. They also viewed a sample of the pond water we collected last week.

Using the Microscope

After all this my 7 year old has asked what he needs to do to be a scientist when he grows up. He was particularly enthusiastic when I said he needed to keep working at his maths, which he loves.

As well as our usual work, I have started to use a book called Bake Through the Bible with my 5 year old. She is very enthusiastic about cooking and has been asking to do more, and this book has lovely child friendly recipes, and also helps you to go through an overview of the Bible with them at the same time.

This week, we made animal shaped biscuits to remind us of God's creation of the world.

Bake Through the Bible


Cutting out Shapes

They looked good when we put them on the tray:

Looking good!

However, I accidentally put far too much sugar in as I misread the recipe (probably due to teaching spelling to one child and maths to another at the same time). The didn't really hold their shapes:

Not quite as we planned!

We talked about how God's world was exactly how he wanted it -"good" or "very good" - while our biscuits were not quite as we hoped!

For most people, next week is a half term break. We are planning to work on as we are taking a holiday in November. However, I am going to give the children a short week next week as they are very tired, and a couple of extra days off will hopefully give them a bit of a boost. 

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