Friday, 23 December 2016

Friday Reflection - 35

Well, we have finally finished work for the term, and are enjoying the build up to Christmas.

We worked from Monday to Wednesday this week, but I didn't plan as much as usual, and the children also spent an afternoon making Europe lapbooks with pictures of the crafts we did at our home education group this term.

Europe Lapbooks

The children have finished making and wrapping their Christmas presents. It is a huge task every year, though each time it gets a bit easier as they can manage more and more on their own. The youngest still needs a bit of help wrapping presents and writing tags, but the three boys are ok. Nonetheless, 4 children all wrapping presents up is a slightly chaotic experience!

Our presents are mostly wrapped too, so  I am feeling unusually organised. I have even covered the cake with marzipan today, which is ahead for me. I'm sure there are things I've forgotten...

Ready for Icing

Today I also took our 9 year old out to a cookery course, which is our Christmas present to him this year. He had a fantastic couple of hours, and came back with sausage rolls and fudge.

Sausage Rolls!

We also enjoyed one of our Christmas traditions today, which is to watch The Muppet Christmas Carol together. Michael cried, which is also a Christmas tradition!

And now, it is nearly Christmas. We are looking forward to some time off together to celebrate our Saviour's birth.

Very Nearly Christmas

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