Friday, 2 December 2016

Friday Reflections - 32

The beginning of Advent has been the most significant part of the week as far as the children are concerned.They are looking forward to their holidays, and are busy making Christmas presents.

Day 1 of our Advent calendar

Although we have a couple of weeks of teaching left to go, today was our final home education group meeting this term. France was our country this week, and we benefited from a presentation by one of the parents who is French, and also from her provision of a variety of French food for us all to try.

Some of the children were a bit ill earlier in the week. Not bad enough to be excused work altogether, but not well enough to get as much done as usual. We still had pretty productive days, and I am grateful for the flexibility we have to take the days as they come a little in these circumstances.

Last weekend, we had a family visit to the British Museum. We particularly went to see the Sunken Cities exhibition, about some ancient Egyptian cities found underwater. They all enjoyed this, though my youngest was particularly excited. I think she's just beginning to match up what we learn in history with what we can actually see. She told me she had been thinking all night about going to see the Rosetta Stone, so we made sure that we took her to visit that exhibit!

Looking at the Rosetta Stone with my daughter.

She was also very excited to see (in the Sunken Cities exhibition) a Greek jar like some that we'd seen in our history books, and of which they'd then tried to draw their own versions. When I told her there were lots more we could see, she was so excited that I took her on a special trip to see some more while Michael retrieved our coats from the cloakroom!

Greek Pots!

It has also been noticeably colder this week, which I find a bit hard to adjust to, but we have been enjoying frosty walks outside.

A lovely, frosty day.

Finally, I have spent this evening doing a little Christmas shopping. I don't often make it to actual shops due to lack of time, and the fact that ordering presents online is generally more efficient. One trip is usually needed, though, and I am glad that I have done that at this stage in December.

Tomorrow is a rare, free Saturday. I am very much looking forward to a bit of a quiet time as a family.

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