Friday, 9 December 2016

Friday Reflections - 33

As our term concludes, and as Christmas draws nearer, we are gradually winding down our usual commitments. We had a fairly normal week, but I have tried to make it very slightly quieter than usual as the children are tired, and as they need a little extra time to make Christmas presents.

We also bought our Christmas tree this week. We usually decorate it with gingerbread shapes that the children make. This year, as well as stars, snowflakes, and our traditional Christmas dinosaurs, we also had daleks for the the first time.

Making gingerbread shapes

Gingerbread decorations

The tree!

Our advent calendar, which traces the story of Christmas through the Bible, has helped us keep our minds on Jesus each day as we read the Bible together.

Our advent calendar so far.

The plan for next week is to continue working, though I may cut most of the non-essentials. It has been a very long term, and the children have worked hard, and are ready for a break. I need a couple of weeks just to get my head around next term, and make have a chance to do a bit of forward planning.

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