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Teaching Drawing (When You Can't Draw)

This year I am taking part in the Virtual Curriculum Fair 2017, which is hosted by Susan @ Homeschooling Hearts and Minds. This is the fifth week, and the theme is Seeking Beauty: The Arts and Everything that Brings Beauty to Our World

My posts for the previous weeks have been: Home Education - 10 Ways We Make it WorkChildren Who Love Books, Maths for a Maths-y Boy and Bible, History and Geography.

Teaching Drawing (When You Can't Draw)

Art is not something that I feel comfortable with. I was never a good artist, and I'm a little scared of art galleries - filled with people who know what they are talking about (I assume!).

Nonetheless, I need to teach my children even in these areas where I feel out of my depth. So, I have taken them to art galleries, read books about art with them, and we are learning together. In addition, I have found ways for them to learn to draw and paint and create in spite of my lack of skills in this area. Today I am writing about some of the resources that I have used for this.

Draw Write Now

This series of books is particularly good for younger children (5,6,7 year olds), though older ones will still enjoy them. They teach how to draw simple animals, and give good ideas for creating interesting backgrounds. My older two used them a lot, and their ability to draw increased hugely as they did so.

Draw Write Now Books

A Salmon Fish from Draw Write Now (by a then 8 year old)

Usborne Art Books

I have used a number of Usborne art books for inspiration. Art Ideas and Art Skills have both been very useful - although they overlap a lot, and if I had realised this I would only have bought one of them.

Usborne Art Books

We have used these books many times, and they have been particularly useful in getting us trying out different art materials. We have tried out oil pastels, chalk pastels, watercolours, poster paints; all fun, and chalk pastels are always exciting because they seem to get everywhere. Drawing Faces is better for older children, and has been good for stretching my 9 year old and 11 year old.

Lizard (by a then 6 year old)

Turtle (by a then 8 year old)

Egyptian Face (by a then 9 year old)


This is a series of online art lessons which we have been using this year. We tried out one of the free lessons (The Czech Cat), and we were hooked. It has really helped now that my limited ideas have been running out! I like the fact that all the children can do this together, and the pictures they have produced have been striking - which has boosted confidence in drawing for all of them.

Completing an Art Achieve lesson together.

Bugs (by my 9 year old)

Dragonfly (by my 11 year old)

Sun Faces

I am not a natural at this, but it turns out that my children are all much better at art than I ever was. They enjoy drawing, and love to create for the sake of it, to decorate their walls, or to send pictures and cards to families.

My 11 year old's picture of his hamster.

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  1. My kids like to try new materials also---over the years we have slowly added oil pastels, sculpey, charcoal and more messy stuff, all with great results. P.s. Your son's hamster is super cute. :)

    1. I will have to look at sculpey - haven't tried that. Messy is a bit daunting!!

  2. it's good to try new art materials... though like you, I am often at a loss. :) That's where books become helpful eh? Visiting from the VCF.

  3. Your kids do cute work!
    I am not an artist, but I have three kids who are. It can be a challenge. Thanks for sharing your resources!