Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Small Changes

My natural tendency is to plan our lives as efficiently as possible so that we can fit everything in. This can be helpful at times - but can also mean that I try to do too much. Although this may be good for me (though that isn't necessarily the case), I need to watch that I am not expecting too much from the children.

Over the last couple of weeks, I have been trialling a couple of small ways to make ours days feel a bit less pressured, but without losing too much of what we do.

Firstly, I have reduced the amount of maths that my eldest has to do each day. His maths has suddenly become harder, and although he is managing well with some difficult work, it seems fair to lessen the amount he has to do. This has been well received! In addition, I have spread out his writing lessons so that he completes his work over 5 days rather than 4. Again, this small change has made a noticeable difference.

For everyone, I have moved from teaching history 3 days a week to 2 days a week. I am guilty of a little sleight of hand here, as we are covering the same amount of ground overall. However, the time saved getting everyone together and all the materials gathered means that the week feels less pressured. Not all the children were happy with this the first time, but they seem to have accepted it and to appreciate that they gain free time over the course of the week.

Working hard...
...but not all the time!

I'm not sure that I have the balance quite right yet, and there will no doubt be further changes that need to be made. I am prone to worrying that I am not doing enough with the children, but sometimes I need to realise that I am in danger of doing too much!

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