Friday, 21 April 2017

Friday Reflections - 52

Our Easter break has been a good rest in many ways, although it has been somewhat marred by all of the children being ill at some point. Colds, tiredness, diminished appetites, and conjunctivitis have all featured. With this in mind, we started back to our term time work with a gentle day on Wednesday before we hit the books in a more serious fashion for a couple of days.

The week began, of course, with Easter Sunday. Unfortunately, I had to miss our Sunday service as our 7 year old was too ill to attend. He was so disappointed not to go to church on Easter Sunday, but we remembered how good it is that Jesus has indeed risen, and how we look forward to our own resurrection bodies which will not get sick.

On Wednesday, we went on a nature walk, and completed an art lesson. This was a lovely way to begin our term, and being able to take our time and not rush through everything made it all the more pleasant.

Drawing on our Nature Walk

Our Usual Nature Spot

Drawing and Painting Horses

As well as being back to work, I am just about back to running three times a week again. I had been limiting myself to 3 miles a run and only twice a week, so it is good to be able to do more again now that my knee seems to have recovered. Running in spring weather with blossom and bluebells to look at has been especially pleasant.

I have also been doing both crochet and cross stitch when I have the chance. It has been a couple of years since I decided that I needed to make sure I had some hobbies if I was going to stay sane while immersed in home education, and it has been very satisfying for me to make stuff - especially as I am not very good at creative things in general!

A Blanket for my Daughter

Cross Stitch
I'm still keeping up with my reading; the Easter holidays has made this easier. In particular, I have enjoyed Luther in Love by Douglas Bond. I will have to make sure that I keep on making time for books in the midst of all the more obviously urgent tasks that need to be done.

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