Friday, 18 August 2017

Friday Reflections - 66

A week in Wales and a week at home is how we have spent the last fortnight. North Wales is one of my favourite places to go on holiday, and we had a wonderful time. We were staying with my extended family, which added to the fun, especially with lots of younger cousins around to play with.

We went to the beach...

Playing on the Beach

...and the Bunny Farm:

Cuddling a Guinea Pig

We climbed Snowdon (minus 2 children who woke up with sore throats that morning, which was a shame):

The Summit of Snowdon (in cloud!)

There were better views on the way down.

We also visited Caernarfon Castle:

Caernarfon Castle

Exploring is Fun!

The Top of a Tower

It was good to rest, and to get outdoors a lot. We came home refreshed, and tired out in a good way!

We have been home this week, and have been enjoying different activities. I've also been steadily working through my summer lists of jobs, which is less exciting, but necessary!

We picked blackberries one day, and I made jam.

My Helpers (1 down with a sore throat...)

Picking in Action

The Jam

My 10 year old has done some baking, everyone has been reading, and quite a lot of Lego has been built.

Tiny Cupcakes

The most exciting day was when we went to buy a hamster for my 10 year old. He's been waiting a while, but now we are back from holiday the time is right. She's called Nugget, and is very cute and quite lively. I never thought we'd have pets, and now we have four! The children love them, and it's a great way for them to learn responsibility.

Nugget Eating a Treat

Saturday, 5 August 2017

A Break in the Lake District

As a family, we have just spent the last week-and-a-bit in the Lake District. For most of this time we have been attending the Keswick Convention, as we have done each year for a while now. It's been great to be encouraged as we have heard talks on the book of Hebrews. It's a busy week, though, so we are all a little tired. The boys in particular have had a series of late nights as they are all old enough to attend evening meetings for their age group. We've also been out and about a lot, making the most of our surroundings.

We've climbed both Scafell Pike and Catbells. Scafell Pike was a whole day trip, and was a new walk for all of us. Although a fairly challenging climb for our 5 year old in particular, we had a great day. The children particularly liked having to wade through a stream - though Michael carried the younger two as we didn't want them to have to walk a long way with very wet feet.

At the summit of Scafell Pike.

Wastwater from the path down Scafell Pike.

The top of Catbells - a much more familiar walk.

Michael and I managed to go for a run together, and went all the way round Derwentwater (10 miles). We missed the best path a couple of times, and ended up very muddy, but it was great fun.

After our run around Derwentwater.

We usually spend some time damming a stream, and this year we surpassed ourselves with a series of dams.

Our dams.

I also promised my 10 year old son that I would take him wild swimming. When I was a child, we called this swimming in a lake, but wild swimming sounds much more exciting. It was freezing cold - but I went in anyway for a while with the children. Michael bravely fed us squares of Kendal Mint Cake as we shivered.

Wild Swimming

We left the Keswick today, but squeezed in a parkrun before we set off. The younger two both ran with Michael and me. My daughter fell halfway round, adding to an impressive number of scrapes and bruises that she's acquired over the last week, but managed to finish in good cheer.

Well-deserved ice creams after parkrun.

Now we have a couple of days to rest with Michael's parents before we head off to North Wales for a few days - probably for more walking, running, and perhaps a repeat of wild swimming if I can face it!