Saturday, 20 June 2015

Archaeology Club

We are always pleased when we find an activity that one of our children particularly enjoys, and my eldest has recently joined an archaeology club. He has had a really good time, and has come out of each session filled with enthusiasm.

They meet on Saturday mornings once a month. The first session he attended was about learning about how archaeologists find out about what people eat, and involved looking for and identifying seeds and fish bones in play dough. The next was about washing at various stages in history, and he came home with Roman bath oil and a Medieval bath bag that he'd made.

Today they met at the Thames foreshore and looked for anything of interest that had been washed up. My son came home with a bag full of bits of pottery and animal bones.

This was his haul:

According to my eldest, this is probably Victorian:

This is probably Tudor:

Probably Medieval:

According to my son, this was the best session yet!

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