Tuesday, 16 June 2015

Silhouettes - An Art Project

Today we decided to try a new idea from our Drawing Faces book.

First we set up by shining a desk lamp at a wall with a piece of paper taped to it. Then one child sat in front of the piece of paper so that the shadow of their face fell onto the paper. We found that the lamp needed to be quite a distance away to get the shadow the right size.

This child had to sit very still while another drew round the outline of their shadow.

Then the children cut out the outline of the shadows they had drawn.

We had mixed success with this particular project. It turns out that it is quite hard to sit still enough. The younger two also struggled to remember that they shouldn't turn their head to see what was going on when they were having their shadow drawn around!

My eldest produced the best outline, unsurprisingly:

They all sort of worked, though:

The results in age order of artist, left to right.

Although a little tricky, it was fun - but probably easier for older children.

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