Monday, 6 July 2015

3 Nights Away

Today I'm going away- for 3 whole nights. It's my annual trip to a ministers' wives conference, a time for encouragement from God's Word and a time for prayer, a chance to catch up with friends and to enjoy being cooked for. I hope to come home refreshed, and ready to support my husband, care for my children and serve my church family.

This morning is a bit more frantic, as I have been getting ready to leave. There is washing hanging out to dry and the shopping unpacked, including extra chocolate for my husband. I have taught the children and written a couple of Bible lessons for my husband to use while I'm away. I still need to pack...

After the year when I was giving detailed (and obvious) instructions to my poor husband, only to realise that my baby was holding a table knife in her hands in spite of my "supervision", I don't bother to leave notes of what to do! However, on request, I've jotted down the work the children need to get done as it is easier to have that down in one place. I'm sure that they will get on well without me.

I'm sure I will be pleased to see them all again on my return.

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