Saturday, 11 July 2015

Summer Reading Challenge

Today is the first day of our Summer Reading Challenge.

Over the last few years, we have used the library reading challenge. However, for a number of reasons, this didn't work brilliantly last year, so we have devised our own. Hopefully it will be a fun way to inspire our children to keep on reading. I also hope it will be a way to encourage them to read more widely, as part of the challenge is to read books that are new for them.

As a bit of extra motivation, they will each receive a bronze, silver and gold award along the way. We haven't decided what they should be, probably just a small prize each time.

The advantage of this is that we can tailor the requirements to ensure that it is an appropriate challenge for each of our children.

My eldest has always been a prolific reader, so his aim is to read 25 new books. We started this morning, and he is already a third of the way through his first book!

My 8 year old has really flourished in his reading over the last few months, and always seems to have his nose in a book too. He has to read 15 new books. He's already started another of the Roman Mystery series by Caroline Lawrence this morning, which he is loving.

My 6 year old has a different challenge. He has had significant speech problems, which has meant that it is only since Easter that I have begun to teach him phonics again. He is coming on brilliantly, not least because he has just learned to say some of the sounds that he has not been able to manage before. His challenge is to keep up with our reading curriculum over the summer, and to complete 15 lessons (some of which are quite long).

I don't want to leave my 3 year old out, so her challenge is to listen to 25 picture books. I will try to use ones that she is less familiar with, but won't be too strict about it.

When I was discussing doing this with the children, my bright spark eldest asked why Mummy and Daddy weren't joining in too. I couldn't see any reason why not, so we have to read 8 books each over the summer. Michael has agreed not to include books he reads for work as this would give him quite an advantage. Hopefully we'll manage!

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