Wednesday, 19 August 2015

Bake Off and Simple Fun

I'm a big fan of simple ideas which don't take a lot of work or effort, but which are fun and help build shared family memories.

This year, we are allowing our older two boys to stay up and watch The Great British Bake Off with us. In case this alone wasn't exciting enough, I decided that it would be fun for the boys to take turns baking for the evening. We had a lovely Victoria sponge from my 8 year old for the first week, delicious shortbread last week from my 9 year old, and hedgehog shaped rolls from my 8 year old tonight. They are planning to bake to fit in with the theme of each week's episode.

Hedgehog Rolls


They are really enjoying it, and learning new skills. They are also aiming to do as much of the cooking on their own as possible (and they are both pretty competent) so it isn't much work for me either - and gives them a great sense of achievement.

Of course, the main advantage is that we have suitable refreshments to sustain us during the show, as watching people making cake always makes us hungry!

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