Thursday, 24 September 2015

History Fun

We have been enjoying restarting the Story of the World again this term. I have four children from 4 to nearly 10 all doing this together, and it is working surprisingly well.

We have had an archaeology dig:

Making a model of the Nile and flooding the river over the grass seed we planted was fun (and it worked!):

We have also made cave paintings, drawn hieroglyphics and written cuneiform in play dough:



Today the highlight was making mini pyramids out of sugar cubes and PVA glue:

All these ideas are from The Story of the World Activity Book - essential for someone like me who isn't particularly creative! Of course, there are written narrations and maps to colour as well, but the activities have made it even more fun, and will hopefully help the children to remember what we have learned.


  1. Glad to hear that all those came out of the book. We're not starting til next september when Raph is in reception year, a friend is bringing the activity book over from the states at christmas. I'm glad i don't have to think creatively. Nobody could do that week in week out for 4 years!!

    1. It is at really useful resource, and I have only used a selection of the ideas. We haven't mummified a chicken, for example!