Wednesday, 16 September 2015

Joyful Moments in a Long Day

Another long day, another day where anti-procrastination strategies are in full force.

Then, just at the end of the day, I had 4 children peacefully colouring their history pictures. The eldest was kindly helping the others and explaining the picture (he's been reading Roger Lancelyn Green's Tales of Ancient Egypt). There are kind words and generous sharing of pencils.

A moment to remember the good things that happened today:

A fun walk in the rain, watching my children run and play together.

Snuggles on the sofa with my younger two.

Listening to my 6 year old read clearly words that he couldn't even say properly a month ago.

Helping my 8 year old do his first translation of English into Latin.

My 4 year old looking at her brothers with big eyes and asking if she could be "a runaway boulder" in their game.

The boys cheerfully agreeing.

Actually getting through a lot of work - though slowly at times.

Helping my 8 year old with his Victorian baked apples in batter.

Going to the shops on my own to buy eggs while my husband cooked tea!

There are many lovely times, even in the midst of a slightly fraught day. Home education can be very intense, and sometimes frustrating. It is good to step back and remember the joyful moments too.

A happy time doing history together.


  1. Why do the children not go to school ?? Aren't they missing out on vital social skills, mixing with other children that will help prepare them for teenage / adult life ?

    1. Thanks for your questions! We home educate for lots of reasons- too many to say here. As for socialisation, they have been to a variety of different groups - home ed groups and Beavers etc. where they mix with other children of a variety of different ages. We educate them at home, but not in isolation.