Saturday, 5 September 2015

Summer Reading Challenge - Update

At the beginning of the summer, I set up a reading challenge for our family.

Each of us had an individual challenge to complete.

How did we get on? Well, the children did brilliantly. They were highly motivated for the most part, and seeing one another reach the bronze, silver and gold milestones spurred them on. At one point, my elder two were offering to read to their sister so that she could make progress. My eldest even helped my six year old by listening to him read (though I supervised fairly closely!).

The two older boys enjoyed a wide variety of books, though Caroline Lawrence's Roman Mystery series featured heavily in my 8 year old's choices. Encouraged to try new books, my eldest was surprised by how much he enjoyed a children's biography of Augustine, which led to him reading a few Christian biographies by choice.

As for the parents - we found the challenge a little more challenging. Each of us finished our last books today (the deadline). However, we are both pleased to have read eight books we would not otherwise have read this summer. I have finally read, and thoroughly enjoyed, War and Peace. This choice probably explains why I cut it so fine to meet the deadline! In particular, I have been hugely encouraged by the two books by Michael Reeves I have read, Christ Our Life and The Good God.

Will we do it again? I think so! It has kept the children productively occupied and helped them to discover books they may not have chosen otherwise. For myself, it was the little push I needed to be a bit more intentional about my reading. We have all benefitted, and hope to keep on reading throughout the year.

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