Saturday, 5 September 2015

The Plan For Reception

Finally it has happened - I have 4 school aged children!

This means I now have a formal plan for what my daughter will do this year. In practice, there won't be a huge amount of difference to what she was doing last year when she tagged along with a lot of what her elder brother was doing. Also, she is only just 4 years old, so the amount she will be doing will be appropriate for her age.

This is what I have planned for her:


The Big Book of Questions and Answers by Sinclair B Ferguson

We all join in our morning devotions led by Michael. We also read from a children's Bible every night with our daughter (we have a few that we work through, one after the other).


All About Reading Level 1 (at a much slower pace than her brother)
Practising a little writing (family names etc.)
Reading aloud stories
I plan to add in All About Spelling Level 1 when she is ready, as well as more handwriting.


Singapore Maths Kindergarten A


The Story of the World: Ancients


She will join in whatever art or craft projects we do.

This formal work will take up very little of her time, leaving plenty of opportunities for playing, drawing and pottering in the garden. 

Adding in another child's work always takes a little bit adjustment for me, and no doubt I will have to work out exactly how to do things so that everyone can have my attention when they need it. However,    I am much more relaxed about my fourth child starting out than I was about my first. I know that just a little work each day is enough to make great progress at this stage. I am confident that if she struggles at first, there is no harm in pausing until she is ready.

For her part, she is counting down the days until she can start maths. I hope it lives up to her expectations!

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