Tuesday, 1 September 2015

The Plan For Year 5

The summer has meant gathering resources, tidying away completed folders of work and planning, planning, planning.

In case it is helpful for others, over the next few days I will post lists of what I have planned for each child this year. I will start with my eldest, who would be beginning Year 5 if he were at school.

Some of our Year 5 Resources

Planning for Year 5 work has been relatively straightforward, as most of what we are doing will be a continuation of what we did last year. Here's the list:


XTB Bible notes.

Bible Time; I produce my own questions as we work through the Bible in chunks. We are about to start the book of Esther.

In addition, we will have family devotions led by Michael over breakfast. My eldest is also reading through the Bible on his own, 1 chapter a night (he's up to Psalms).


Spelling Workout G
Rod & Staff Building Christian English 6, Progressing With Courage
Writing with Ease 4
Set Reading


Singapore Maths 5A
Mental Maths


The Story of the World: Ancient Times


Latin Prep Book 2


Programming (Scratch)
Touch typing


An art project once a week (sometimes as part of our history programme)


Building Foundations of Scientific Understanding Vol. 2



Of course, this is only part of his education. We will have museum trips, library visits and nature walks. My eldest is a huge reader, and learns an enormous amount in his free time. He has swimming lessons, and belongs to an archaeology club.

We also attend two home education groups; in one he will do history and music, and in the other we are beginning a series where each week is based on a different country.

The beginning of a new academic year is always both exciting and slightly daunting. Planning, though time consuming, is far easier than implementing! No doubt there will be challenges, both expected and unforeseen. I need to keep on praying as well as planning, and remember that growth in faith and growth in character are more important than making it through our curriculum for the year.

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