Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Inspiration and Encouragement

One of the more difficult things about home education is that it can be quite a lonely experience at times. Even if we are busy with groups or outings or meeting other families in the park, there is a lot of planning and teaching that I have to do on my own.

It can be easy to become discouraged, and to lose sight of the reasons you have chosen to home educate. Sometimes I assume that the difficulties I face are unique to me and my weaknesses, which can make it harder to keep going.

I also worry that things can get a bit stale after a while if I don't have fresh ideas to add to keep things interesting.

With these things in mind, last Saturday I invited a few fellow home educators round for the evening. We drank tea and ate cake together - always a good start!

Each of us also brought along a curriculum or book that we are using to show others so that we could share ideas. It was great to hear what others are using, and to be inspired to try new activities. One friend has been doing poetry teas with her children. I had read about them on her blog, but our social evening was the push I needed to give it a go today. We had popcorn and poems for half an hour, and my children proclaimed it a success!

Another friend reminded us that focussing on character and attitude is vital. Again, this has helped me this week to focus on encouraging my children to do their work or their jobs with a cheerful attitude. Her godly perspective has been a real help to me.

Home educating is a great privilege, and is often a lot of fun. It is also an enormous responsibility, and a requires hard work. Meeting with others for encouragement and inspiration has refreshed and strengthened me as I press on this week.


  1. I was encouraged, too. Glad that you enjoyed the poetry tea. Like the idea of popcorn!

    1. We had definitely had enough cake over the weekend! I will have to have another look at your list of poems for next time - I'm in need of more ideas.