Thursday, 29 October 2015

Making Christmas Presents

Christmas, at its best, is a lovely time to celebrate our Saviour, and to show our love for one another as we meet together. One of the ways that we try to keep a sense of serving others, rather than grasping for ourselves, is to help our children to make presents for others each year.

The presents have cost them something - time and effort. They like to give to our extended family, and also to a few special friends, which means that they usually each make about 25 presents each. This is why we start making them at around half term!

These are the principles I follow when helping them decide what to make:

1) Each child should choose to make gifts that they can produce with little or no help (once they have been shown what to do).

2) The gifts should be ones that they can make lots of without giving up. Usually, this will mean picking one item to make a number of times for different people.

3) Each gift should be fairly inexpensive.

4) Each child should wrap their own gifts and write their own labels, if they are able to do so.

This year's presents are still a closely guarded secret, but here are some of the gifts that they have made in the past (grouped roughly by the ages at which they made them):

2-3s:   Simple cards with handprints or sponge prints
           Simple sweets (e.g. peppermint creams)

A card with sponge prints.

3-4s:   Hama bead magnets
           Children's fudge

Hama Bead Magnet

5-7s:   Decorating coasters/mini-plant pots/photo holders
           Paper woven bookmarks
           Illustrated bookmarks
           Fimo key rings


Fimo Key Ring

Mini Plant Pot (& cactus)

8-10s: Decorating photo frames
           Simple sewing projects (mainly using old socks!)

Juggling Balls - Made from Socks

Button Photo Frame


Our children began to make Christmas presents to give away a few years ago, and it is easily one of the parts of Christmas they enjoy most. They work hard at thinking about how to decorate or design gifts that they know the recipient will particularly like. By the time that Christmas comes, they are usually at least as excited about giving presents as receiving them.



  1. We enjoy making some presents too. These have included calendars ( using the stick on mini calendars on a picture they have drawn), hama bead bowls, and hama bead decorations to hang up ( leave a small hole and thread with ribbon). Thanks for your ideas :-)

    1. I like your ideas! How do you make Hama bead bowls???

    2. You can google it but basically use an oven proof bowl (pyrex?) ...possibly best if sides not too steep! Oil the bowl with olive oil or sunflower oil or similar. Then do a layer of hama beads...doesnt matter if they are higgedly-piggedly! Then bake in oven...about 140degrees c i think...worth checking! Watch carefully...when they start to melt and change shape take out. Leave to cool and wash off. We fill them with sweets in mints or similar. Very effective and fun!

    3. Thank you - we might try that!