Wednesday, 18 November 2015

Daily Walks - Daily Refreshment

This year I decided that we should aim to go for a walk every day.

Partly, I know that one of my weaknesses is a tendency to focus on the list of work that we must do that day, and end up missing out on other important activities. The children both need to get out for necessary fresh air and exercise, and also really love to be outdoors - in all weathers.

We have been enjoying the leaves in our local gardens:

And climbing trees:

The children all own good quality raincoats, but they only work if I actually remember to use them:

We had a lot of fun, though.

As with all decisions that I make about our day, there are knock-on effects. We have our walk between about 12 and 1pm every day, and this usually means that at least some of the children end up working for longer into the afternoon.

There are also more muddy clothes to wash. Once my daughter had already slid down a muddy bank last week, I gave up on trying to preserve any clothes and we had lots of jumping in deep puddles. While great fun, we don't do this every day, and sometimes we stick to paths deliberately to try to keep some clothes clean on at least some days!

I also try to make sure that they are well fed in the mornings. I already cook breakfast most days (we eat an enormous number of eggs!), but now I find that a reasonably substantial snack mid-morning helps them through an hour long walk and a slightly later lunch.

The children always want to walk, sometimes I'd rather not! However, it has been a helpful discipline for all of us, and I usually benefit from a break outdoors too.

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