Saturday, 14 November 2015

Welcome Yoda! Children and Animals

Yesterday we welcomed Yoda to our household! She's a very sweet hamster.

Yoda, The Hamster

There was some excitement when we bought her, as she'd chewed through one of the two boxes she was to be carried home in by the time we had walked from the shop to the car. My husband returned swiftly to the shop to get an additional (sturdier) box, and we made it home without a hamster escaping into the car!

Yoda belongs to my eldest - and he named her. We decided that he had more than proved himself able to look after a pet of his own after a year and a half of diligent guinea pig care (shared with his younger siblings). The guinea pigs are called Wilma and Pumba.

My 8 year old with Pumba and Wilma

The two older boys holding Wilma and Pumba.

In all that time, neither Michael nor I have had to clean out the guinea pigs, or look after them at all day to day, except for the occasional help with removing slugs from the hutch.
We try to make sure that privileges (such as pet ownership) are matched with responsibilities (looking after the pet). I'm sure that there will sometimes be complaints, and there will be days when my eldest would rather not do the extra jobs, but overall we hope that Yoda will be as cared for and loved as much as Wilma and Pumba have been.

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