Monday, 28 December 2015

Christmas Fun

Our Christmas celebrations have ended, though we still have a few days of rest and a trip to visit some family to look forward to.

We have enjoyed time with family, and with our church family. We have had presents and food, and most of all we have remembered the birth of our Saviour.

Some highlights have included:

Christmas morning at church, where my husband preached on John 1, about how Jesus came as light into the darkness. By coincidence rather than design, the Christmas cake I made this year featured a key verse from John 1:

Great truth, not-so-great icing!

Christmas lunch was a highlight, according to the children. We were too busy to take pictures, though my eldest cheerfully suggested that they would happily re-enact the meal if that would help!

The children distributed the presents that they have been working so hard to make over the last few weeks. I was delighted (though not surprised!) to receive a homemade jam jar candle, some home cooked fudge in an origami box, a carefully decorated stone, and a beautifully coloured sun catcher.

My presents from my children.

Of course, presents brought much excitement. We particularly enjoyed my 6 year old dinosaur-loving boy wearing the dinosaur costume that we bought for him:

Thrilled with his dinosaur costume...

...he claimed that he never wanted to take it off!

A number of new board games have also been received. They have all been played already - great fun for the whole family.

New games!

Boxing Day included a chance to go for a walk with our church family. We were particularly pleased that we were able to spend quite a lot of the walk in a stream!

Peaches in the water again.

I'm "supervising".
As parents, we also get a lot of our pleasure from seeing our children happy, but even more when we see them act kindly, or show patience when it goes wrong. It was lovely to watch the four of them happily sharing their presents on Christmas afternoon, or (in one case) cope really well when a favourite present broke soon after it had been constructed.

Of course, not every moment has been perfect! A favourite present did break on Boxing Day (now fixed with glue and cotton!), sometimes it has all been a bit loud, there has been a little grumpiness on occasion, and it has been a busy few weeks for both of us parents so we have been a bit tired at times.

None of this can take away the real joy we have in our salvation, though, and we rejoice that we are able to have Jesus at the heart of our celebrations.

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