Monday, 14 December 2015

Geography - Asia Activities and Lapbooks

Over the last term, our local home education group has been doing activities and stories about Asia. We have focussed on one country a week - Sri Lanka, Thailand, Malaysia, India, China, Japan and South Korea.

We have cooked Korean pancakes, painted Thai fans, drawn the Taj Mahal and made Sri Lanakn peacocks out of paper plates.

Thai elephant made from a milk bottle.

Thai fans made from paper plates.

Taj Mahal Picture
The older children have loved discussing books together in a book group. All the children have enjoyed listening to a wide variety of books to fit with each country.

Today, I helped our children put together all the maps and flags they have been colouring each week, as well as pictures of all the creations they have produced. They have each made a lapbook - a way of presenting a whole project in a folder. 

Although they all had similar material, they put them together in different ways.

My four year old's production:


My six year old's:


This is my eight year old's work:


And my ten year old's:

Africa next term - I need to get thinking of some activities!

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