Friday, 18 December 2015

Winding Down for Christmas

Well, it's the last week of term, and we have definitely been winding down. Winding down for us means shelving the usual schedule, and finishing off projects that have been lingering for a while due to lack of time.

We begun the week by making Asia lapbooks, and also working on some Egyptian death masks:


The children have also finished off an art project involving glue and chalk pastels:


We have continued our history studies as usual, and also made a history timeline for what we have been learning about this year:


In addition, we have visited the Geffrye Museum, where there are rooms furnished in the style of different periods. At the moment, there were also Christmas decorations to enjoy.

Yesterday we finished the death masks - which looked slightly creepy:

Finally, I took the three boys on a trip to Parliament, where we all very much enjoyed our tour. We couldn't take pictures in most places, but here are the boys in Westminster Hall.


We finished up with a trip to Trafalgar Square and then Waterstones, where the children each choose a book as a gift from their generous great-great aunt each Christmas.

All in all, a productive week, which was also somewhat more restful than usual - very much what we all needed.

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