Tuesday, 12 January 2016

24 Hours - Highs and Lows

Low: 10 pm - I see a RAT in my kitchen.

High: Husband and fellow elders emerge from their meeting upon my request for help, and pursue rat with shoes. No result, but rat seems to have left...

Low: In general rat-anxiety, we forget to put the alarm on.

High: An extra hour of sleep!

Low: Aaaagghh! We're late! We'll never get everything done!

High: Only a bit late; manage to get some work done before heading out to the woods for the morning with an organised group.

Low: Children take ages to get ready. Aaaagghh! We're late!

High: Beautiful morning - all happy. My daughter is thrilled by the mud.

Low: I get us lost in the woods. Now even later to meet the group....

High: We're not the last! Only a few minutes late after all.

Low: One child is behaving badly...

High: Everyone cheers up, joins in well, and is enthusiastic about trees.

Low: Another child is now crying with cold.

High: All cheer up (again!) and delight in sinking into the mud with friends before we go home.

Low: Daughter falls in mud.

High: Daughter holds it together in spite of mud.

Low: Halfway home, the girl realises she is tired, cold and hungry. And covered in mud. She sobs.

High: Biggest boy carries his sister on his shoulders to cheer her up.

Low: Three minutes later, daughter crying again, insists on climbing down, and wipes her muddy boot over another brother. Both now sobbing loudly.

High: Get home! Chocolate biscuits all round before lunch...

Low: Still work to get done after there is a bit of moaning.

High: Everyone cheers up AGAIN, and gets it all done quickly.

Low: I ordered 6 bags of satsumas rather than 6 satsumas. Whoops.

High: Remember I can send excess food ordered in error back with the nice man from Tesco.

Low: I forgot to buy onions for the chicken stew this evening.

High: I have children! Eldest despatched to the corner shop to buy onions.


High: I made Battenburg cake - fun! Great use of limited time...

The rest is a blur of teatime, putting children to bed, a prayer meeting, and eating the aforementioned cake.

We made it.

What will the next 24 hours bring?

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