Saturday, 2 January 2016

A Quiet Day

The last remnants of the trappings of Christmas have nearly gone; our tree went yesterday, along with our Jesse tree calendar and all the Christmas cards. We still have most of our huge Christmas cake to work our way through, but otherwise our home has returned to normal.

Our partly-consumed Christmas cake.

Most of us have a (rare) free day, which has given us a chance for some peaceful activity for the children, and some catching up for me. My husband is writing his sermon for tomorrow - so not a quiet day for him, however.

The children have had a restful day; my six year old is listening to The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe (he's nearly finished the whole book!), while my eldest has been building a meccano set that he received for Christmas. My other two are happy pottering about with different toys, or watching the meccano coming together. After a late night on New Year's Eve for the older two, who stayed up for the first time, and came with us to watch the London fireworks from the top of a hill near our home - this is probably much needed.

Snuggling up and listening to Narnia.

For me, this is the last quiet day before term begins again, and I have been in planning mode. I have filled out my diary for next week with all the plans for the children's work. I have also been trying to choose craft or cooking projects for our Africa themed home education group next term. It is quite easy to find  generic "Africa" crafts - but somewhat harder if you are searching for activities to go with specific countries. I think I'm about there, though.

I have also had time to look through my new Mary Berry cook book and bookmark the recipes I'd like to try. There are more than I have time for in the immediate future, but I am planning to make a lemon cheesecake for lunch tomorrow. We may just have Christmas cake if I run out of time; visitors to our home may be fed up of Christmas cake soon!

Days like this provide a welcome rest. I am looking forward to the coming term - but it is good to have one quiet day before it all begins again.

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