Saturday, 23 January 2016

Bible reading & panda visiting...

Last week we finished reading the whole Bible to my 8 year old. He was really pleased to have finished after three and a half years (we started when he turned 5).

As we did with his older brother, we presented him with a new Bible, and I took him on a special trip.

He has always loved pandas, so I took him to visit Edinburgh zoo. This was quite an expedition, involving two long days of travelling and two overnight stays with family and friends - but he had a wonderful time.

Seeing pandas was the highlight of our trip to the zoo:

Panda walking...

Panda drinking...

Panda & my 8 year old...

Panda eating bamboo.
We also enjoyed watching the penguin parade:

Penguins walking past us.
And the koalas:

A koala - not asleep!
Although we went for the zoo, spending time first with some family, then with some friends, was also hugely fun for both of us.

We arrived home not long ago - and have both been missed! We'd love to return to Scotland for a longer trip sometime - but take the rest of the family with us.

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