Saturday, 9 January 2016

Off we go again - a new term has begun!

We started the week with a wonderfully muddy walk at Box Hill with some friends. Our plan to cross the Stepping Stones was thwarted by the fact that the river had risen right over them, and we couldn't even use the bridge as the river had flooded so much. Our circular walk became a walk down and up the same hill!

Stepping Stones?

On Tuesday, we began in earnest, with our usual subjects. It is clear that the children are all working much more efficiently than at the beginning of last term, so we are getting though our work a little bit quicker.

History is still a highlight. The children drew some pictures of The Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

Babylon Narrations and Pictures

Science lessons are still popular. The older two were studying the water cycle, and also what happens to water when it falls on the ground.

The younger two were learning to distinguish between living things, natural non-living things, and man-made items. Yoda the hamster was brought along by by eldest so that she could be categorised too.

Everything categorised - including the hamster (in her ball)!

We have also visited our local museum, the Horniman, one afternoon. It's a great resource to have just down the road from us.

On Friday afternoon, we began an art project.This is the second time we have tried a glue and chalk pastels picture. Last time it worked fairly well, but I think the children found it a bit easier this time. We've also worked out that disposable icing bags work very well for this project - much easier than holding a whole bottle of PVA glue.The children also moved the glue bags a bit quicker, so ended up with fewer pools of glue on their pictures. We'll see how they turn out once they have added some colour next week.

Glue pictures so far

I finished up the week with a special trip to the British Museum with my 8 year old and one of his friends. We visited the Celts exhibition which is ending soon, and then had a brief look at some of the permanent displays. My 8 year old particularly enjoyed seeing some of the books from the library at Nineveh, which we learned about in history recently.

Clay tablets from the library at Nineveh
All in all a good week- just need to keep it up next week too!

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