Thursday, 28 January 2016

Serving Without Sinking by John Hindley

This is a book I have heard recommended a number of times, but have only just read.

The title resonates; I feel like I am sinking in most areas of life - or almost sinking. Whether home education, or cooking for our home group, or writing meal plans, or leading at Young Church - I usually feel like I am just about managing. And only just.

Although there are many joyful days or moments - in general, life often feels like a slog, and my responsibilities feel like burdens.

In the midst of this reality - this book was a welcome, joy-filled encouragement.

I confess, I assumed that the book would contain "helpful" ideas about time management and so on - which always jars a little. I am organised - I just have a lot to do! I don't want to stop - I take on my responsibilities because I am convinced of my calling, and of the rightness of serving when it is costly.

What this book so helpfully did was point me right back to Jesus. It talks of his service first - gloriously displayed at the cross - then of our relationship with him - as a friend, a bride, a son.

What a joy it is to serve such a Master!

I am also reminded that joyful obedience will flow out of a greater love for Jesus.

I need to pray not for a break, or for a relieving of my duties, but for greater love.

If you are feeling burdened or weary as you serve Jesus - read this book. It is so refreshing, and will lift your eyes from your circumstances, from your deeds, and point you right back to the Son of Man [who] came not to be served but to serve, and to give his life as a ransom for many (Matthew 20:28).

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