Tuesday, 5 January 2016

"What's In The Bible?" DVDs - A Review

What's In The Bible? is a series of DVDs which take you through the whole of the Bible. There are a number of different characters, performed by puppets, who explain the content of each book of the Bible, and how that particular book fits into the Biblical story of redemption.

I was very pleasantly surprised at just how good it was! Having never been a fan of VeggieTales, I only looked at the particular series after a few people had recommended it. My husband and I have now watched all the episodes with our children, and these are the best features of this series in my opinion:

1) Summary of Each Bible Book

Every book of the Bible, from Leviticus to Luke, is accurately covered, including an explanation of its place in the canon, and how it fits into the overarching story of the Bible.

2) The Redemption Story

From the beginning, it is made clear that the Bible is not just a collection of disparate books, but a book which tells the story of God and his plan to rescue people.

3) Theological Terminology

Words such as apocalypse or canon or justification are explained clearly. It is gratifying to watch something that expects children to be interested in more complex ideas, albeit explained by a pirate puppet!

4) Tricky Questions

Rather than dodging all the difficult questions, these are addressed head on - and very helpfully.

5) Fun To Watch

Without being irreverent, the jokes are genuinely funny, and the characters are engaging. Our children can quote sections of the script!

This an excellent series, and I have only a couple of slight cautions. One weakness is that there is less emphasis on how Christ is foreshadowed in the Old Testament than I would like. This is by no means absent - but I think could have been done a little more.

My other caution is that this is an outstanding supplement to studying the Bible with children, but certainly could not be a substitute for it (and I'm sure it is not intended to be). What's In The Bible? is an excellent guide to scripture - so long as we don't use it as a shortcut to actually opening up the Bible with our children. This is actually only a problem because it is such a high quality resource!

We have had a lot of fun watching this, and it has definitely helped our children gain a better framework for understanding scripture. They can tell me if a particular book of the Bible is from the Writings or the Pentateuch; they know what apostasy means; above all, they are enthused about the Bible, and about God's plan to redeem his people.


  1. Totally agree. I've been recording the series on Sky (UCB/TBN) over the past year or two and it has gone done well with my eldest (age 6). Plenty of variety to keep the attention.
    I may order the DVD's in due course.