Monday, 14 March 2016

Breakfast - food & Bible & books

When our children were very little, breakfast was a bowl of cereal, and maybe some fruit or toast. On good days, we had porridge. 

Now, our breakfast is invariably cooked, and includes Bible time, and also reading time. It is much more fun now!

Kitchen Bookshelf

What do we eat?

Lots of eggs, usually boiled or in omelette. Today, my husband used 21 eggs for omelette...we do have family staying for a few weeks, but that's still a lot of eggs! We also like to eat drop scones, waffles, bagels, or porridge. On Saturdays, my husband makes us all bacon and egg muffins, and on Sundays we eat croissants.

I started cooking breakfast because my boys just got so hungry (and grumpy) quite soon afterwards. They do much better now. It is also much more of an enjoyable family meal together. We do still have cereal and toast occasionally - or to top them up on particularly hungry days - but not all that often.

Bible time is led by my husband. We have used Table Talk Bible notes, or just worked through a gospel or some Psalms. At the moment, we are slowly working our way through The Big Picture Family Devotional by David R. Helm, which involves quite a bit of memorisation as well as devotions.

Reading time sometimes happens at the table, or sometimes we decamp to the sofa. At the moment, I am ready The Ology: Ancient Truths Ever New by Marty Machowski, and The Wanderings of Odysseus by Rosemary Sutcliff. Sometimes I will read chapter books aimed more at the older children, though I prefer to have at least something that they all enjoy. 

Breakfast is family time - a chance to spend some time together before we all launch into the day. Sometimes it feels a bit fraught, often I am particularly anxious that we crack on with the work for the day, but it is still a lovely opportunity to start the day in God's word and enjoying each other's company.

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