Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Writing Letters - A Chance to Serve

In January, my eldest decided he would like to write a postcard each week to some dear family friends who are going through a tough time. We printed a pile of postcards with pictures from our last holiday to the Lakes, and he sat down to write his first postcard.

Of course, as soon as he started to write, all his siblings decided that they would like to send postcards too! So, every week, we have sat down together and written cards and drawn pictures to post. Grandparents have been favourite recipients, as have a number of friends. My 6 year old has also written to an elderly lady from our congregation who he is particularly fond of, and who has just moved into a home.

A simple idea, this has been a lovely opportunity for the children to serve others as they think about who would like to receive a letter. It has incidentally provided extra opportunities for the boys to practice their writing. It has been particularly encouraging to see my six year old write with so little help, given that he has had a slightly later start with reading and writing due to his speech delay.

This week, as a change, we spent an afternoon making and then sending Easter cards. This was more time consuming than our normal letter writing - and certainly more chaotic - but a chance to remember the Resurrection with family and friends.

The children's Easter cards.

All in all, this has been a lovely activity this term. The children have even received a few letters back, which they have been very pleased about.

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