Wednesday, 6 April 2016

Easter Holidays

We've been back to work for two days already. We're planning to take two weeks off in June, so we're back to the books a bit earlier than usual.

Nonetheless, it was good to have a break, although the two older boys managed to be ill for quite a bit of the time!

We have been doing activities based on Africa at our home education group last term, so we have made lapbooks to keep a record of some of the activities we did.

Africa Lapbooks

We have managed a couple of trips out, including a trip to the British Museum with some friends, and a trip to race ducks (not real ducks!) with another family.

The children enjoyed our Easter activities, especially making our Easter cake this year.

Easter Cake

I always welcome a break, and had fun making hot cross buns. I usually have help, but children being unwell meant I made them myself this year.

Hot Cross Buns

I have been trying to learn to crochet (using YouTube), and have begun a blanket. Hopefully I will be able to carry on now that term has begun; it turns out that crochet can be combined quite well with listening to a child read.

Beginnings of a Blanket

By the end of the week, my two boys were much better, and went to their archaeology club, and returned home with some impressive shields!

A Shield!

It didn't work out as I planned - we missed some walks and I had to stay at home with a sick child during our Good Friday service; however, we still had a good break and are feeling refreshed as we get back to work again.

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