Friday, 29 April 2016

Friday Reflections - 1

It is Friday afternoon, and time for a cup of tea and a chance to look back at the week.

Michael has been away for most of the week at a preaching conference, so the days have been a bit busier without adult company at mealtimes, but the evenings have been quieter without as many evening meetings in our home! He has had a good conference and returned to us encouraged, and we are all glad to have him home again.

Meanwhile, we have been continuing with our normal routine most of the week. This has been mainly going well, though my eldest was making fairly easy mistakes in his Latin today, which was unusual for him so I think he may be tired - and I may need to take some time to go over some grammar again.

In addition, we fitted in another trip to the zoo on Wednesday when everyone finished their work unexpectedly early. This was probably due to the two older boys deciding to do their Latin before breakfast.

Zoo Fun

We have had very varied weather here, from sunshine to hail to lightning. The children are particularly enamoured of exciting precipitation, so I let them out in the garden to enjoy the hail earlier today!

It was hailing, though you can't see that in the picture!

We haven't done an art project recently, so this week we used oil pastels and ink to make these reflection pictures:

Art Project

The idea was from this book, which I use a lot for art projects:

In their spare time, the older two boys have been reading The Lord of the Rings. This was one of my favourite books as a teenager, so it is lovely to enjoy them enjoying it. My 10 year old  has read this book before, so we are trying hard not to spoil the story for my 8 year old! They have been building the Lego sets that my 10 year old bought a couple of years ago after he first read the book, and having lots of fun together.

Orcs - drawn by my 10 year old.

We have also had a set of caterpillars arrive this week. My 4 year old has named some of them - Climby, Jammy and Hoppy. We are looking forward to watching them grow and become butterflies if all goes well.


All the children have decided to build lots of Hama beads this week. My eldest has been building a set of Star Wars characters.

Star Wars Hama Beads

One of the highlights for me has been watching my almost 7 year old really grow in his reading ability. He has had such significant problems with his speech, and has had to work so hard at his reading, that it brings me real joy to see him read. This week he has been working through his Bible notes on his own, including reading all the Bible passages. Not only is he able to read, but he loves it - which feels amazing given all his difficulties with his speech over the last few years.

My 6 year old working through his Bible notes.

I have managed to crochet a bit, read a bit, and survive another busy week. As the summer term is under way, now is the time that I begin to mentally plan for next year. I am beginning the process of evaluating where each child is at, where they need to be stretched or where they need extra help. Lots of thinking and planning still to go over the next few months.

We finished up this afternoon in the park with some friends. We had lightning, thunder, hail and sunshine - but they (and I!)  had a lovely time at the end of a fairly packed week.

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